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Dr. Chris Tong

Dr. Chris Tong

Chris Tong received his B.A. in computer science summa cum laude from Columbia University in 1978, where he also was selected to be a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and was awarded the 1976 Van Amringe Mathematical Prize by the Department of Mathematics for being the "best freshman or sophomore mathematics student". He received his computer science from Stanford University in 1988.

From 1984 through 1994, he was a computer science professor at Rutgers University. During this period, he was the winner of the first CSGSS Award for Excellence in Teaching, and a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence. His technical publications include the state-of-the-art "Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Design" series (1992, Academic Press, volumes I, II, and III), which is still being used as a textbook for the field; and numerous papers in the leading AI journals and conference proceedings. He chaired numerous, international AI workshops, and was a recipient of major government research grants (from DARPA and the National Science Foundation), and a visiting professor at MIT. He was also a main participant in the Knowledge Systems Area of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, and a visiting researcher at Siemens Research and IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. (The stability algorithms he developed while at IBM have had broad applicability, in areas as diverse as biotechnology and the stabilization of greenhouse gases required by the Kyoto Protocol.)

In 1994, Chris left academia to create Enchanted Websites (and its branches, Host Your Site and Register Your Domain Name).

As president of Enchanted Websites, Chris has led a small staff in designing, developing, and marketing over one hundred commercial and non-profit websites. Clients have included: Color Me Beautiful, the internationally acclaimed cosmetic line and bestselling book that revolutionized the world of color cosmetics by introducing the concept of choosing color by season; Kaiser Permanente, the #1 non-profit HMO in the United States; and Adrien Arpel, one of the most recognized and respected skin care lines in the world. Many of the sites designed by Enchanted Websites have won recognition for the quality of their design, including an excellent review from the #1 newstand web magazine, "The Web", a feature on MSNBC's nationally broadcast program, "The Site", and Yahoo's "Pick of the Day". Many of the sites marketed by Enchanted Websites have had traffic to their site increased by more than tenfold through Enchanted Websites' state-of-the-art online marketing techniques.

Apart from Enchanted Websites, Chris's current interests lie in applying both traditional mass-market publishing and the latest Web technology toward promoting "spirituality that works", his second career since 1990. From 1990-1994, he presented numerous full-day workshops in Boston and New York City on spirituality-related topics. He was the head of the Education Department for Adidam (a spiritual organization) from 1994-95. In 1994, he launched Adidam's first website, winning awards from Magellan and from Lycos for the site's "comprehensive presentation". He was the manager of the Dawn Horse Press (a publisher of spiritual literature) in 1995.

More recently, Chris has focused his efforts on creating multimedia materials that make genuine spirituality and spiritual practice accessible to the general public. He is the Director of The Institute for Real God, an educational organization developing thirty courses that are aimed at providing a comprehensive spiritual education; and The Practical Spirituality Press, whose Practical Spirituality Series is being released by the Press in 25 e-books. (The first 9 books are currently available.)

Chris currently lives with his wife, Mary, in Northern California.

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